We are part of the largest patch of Atlantic Forest on the planet.

One of the most biodiverse biomes in the world, the Atlantic Forest is the second largest tropical forest in South America, second only to the colossal Amazon. Currently with only 12.4% of its original coverage, the Atlantic Forest was certainly one of the biomes that were impacted the most by human occupation in Brazilian territory. Even surviving in fragments, the biome still harbors a rich biodiversity.

In this perspective, the proposal for the Atlantic Forest Great Reserve (AFGR / GRMA) was born, an initiative that aims to work with the largest continuous remnant of this biome worldwide, covering 2.2 million hectares distributed over 50 municipalities in three Brazilian states: São Paulo, Paraná and Santa Catarina. Based on the concept of Production of Nature, GRMA proposes the promotion of the economic potential of tourist activities in order to revert their benefits to local communities.

Caminhos do Mar is fully connected to this initiative. Its area of activity is within the Babitonga Portal, a strategic approach promoted by the GRMA to bring together sets of historical, cultural and natural attractions from different regions of the GRMA.

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